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Welcome to our place on the Internet*

Our place is used to share photos with our children, relatives and friends who live seconds away in Internet time, but a lot of hours away in travel time.  Take a look around our virtual version of  "home movies" and let us know if we have common interest. 

We also have an Ancestry Project underway and it has grown significantly in the few years we've been collecting ancestors.   There are two segments to our Ancestry Project.  One side is the normal paper trail of connecting ancestors and the other side is using Genetics to push beyond where our paper trail runs dry so we can improve the clues of where we might look for new information.

On the standard Genealogy side, there are about 269 family names.  If your surname is in our list, let us know about any possible connections, or feedback you might have to share. 

Our Genetic introduction began when we joined the National Geographic Genographic Project.  From there we went on to join with other genetic researchers through the Family Tree DNA service and various Genetic Genealogy forums.

We are also involved in the BA-MARC (Bay Area Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club) group where others with an interest in Amateur Radio, or Motorcycling, gather and support local medical charities fund raising events.

Some of our INTEREST are placed in a separate section with links to other places.  That area and our Photo section will probably grow better than it has so far, but work and BA-MARC take more time than most months allow.

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