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I. Classic Genealogy Databases:

This web section provides links to two large Rines database displays.  Each database is rooted with the Rines Surname and both are independent of the other. 

Information about the volume of individuals, families and Surname data included in each database is available by just clicking on one of the two database buttons below:

Family Trees Available

Sharon & Roger @ SF M/C Show Nov-2001

Our Family Tree Data
Number of Individuals 941
Number of Families 326
Surnames Listed 269
Send Mail To:

Clifford Rines - Ontario, Canada


Clifford Rines' Family Tree Data

Number of Individuals 1,286
Number of Families 390
Surnames Listed 321
Send Mail To:

There are two databases here because there is no known common ancestor between these two family trees, but there is a belief that at some point in time, enough information will surface that a connection will be found.  With this in mind,  a second data series should provide a broader range of family date when you go looking for a relative we have information about in our databases.  Hopefully as the information in these databases expands, our chances at discovering leads will also improve because the number of people benefiting from the data will expand and be shared.

Of the two databases shown, Clifford Rines of Ontario, Canada created the second database listed above.  Clifford has been doing research much longer than we have and has collected far more information than we have been able to assemble in the few years of our research.

Each database is viewable VIA your web browser and should work with all version and brands of browsers.  JavaScript is used heavily in our web site, so that should be enabled in your browser.  If you find something not working as expected, like the buttons not changing when you move your mouse over them, then your JavaScript option isn't turned on.

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II. Information Suppression:

Almost all the information we know about the people listed is displayed and available.   However, there was a restriction filter enabled in the database to web page transfer to prevent the dates on people who are still living from being moved to the web site.  For baptism and marriage dates on people born after 1920, or married after 1930, or if either spouse is listed as still living those dates were also prevented from being exported to the web site.

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III. Database Index Definitions: (Click on Links)

Family  -   Pedigree  -  Descendancy  -  Notes

Data in each database is laid out with a main index page as the main navigation point.  This index page, which is the first to appear when you click on one of the database buttons shown above, provides access to the data from four different display views.  To access a section just scroll the main index  page to the area where the group approach you want to use is shown.   To access a list or to display a descendancy tree, go to the group section you want and then selecting a "Letter-Link" in that section. 

With the four different views available, it will hopefully both expand and satisfy your access to the data contained in each database.  If you aren't sure how you want to view information, we find the Descendancy Tree gives you a broader  historical perspective of how much information is available because its linear record display shows a lot of information in a small amount of space . 

All the information we've been able to stuff into the database as of the date the data was published is available on this web site.  However, there is a lot document information that hasn't been added to the database because the effort is enormous.  If you find you have a question that isn't answered here, drop us an email and we'll do what we can to respond.

While every effort to get as much information into the database has been made, you'll find information on living people has been severely limited to protect the privacy of those individuals. In most cases the information on younger people is not difficult to find, so our not publishing that information should not hamper your ability to go back in time and expand your research.

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IV. Sharing Information:

Learning about our ancestry has been an eye-opening experience that raised our understanding of history in our ancestor's time.  In some cases we have learned about events that might have influenced why they moved, and where family stories began.  At a minimum, all the effort has been fun. 

At present our database has connections that travel back to the early 17th Century, and on a couple other lines to the 18th Century.  Some branches are just beginning to grow and don't have much history, but things appear randomly so we expect the short branches will grow in time.  There are also many individuals and family groups shown who are isolated from their namesake line, but we believe they will connect as more facts and individuals surface.  In all cases, everything here has a supporting document, which is beginning to create storage and cataloging issues.  Hopefully, a larger database project will follow along soon so that the documents can be retrieved easily and the papers can be converted to digital images.

This web space was created to share what we've discovered and so that others would be encouraged to share what they know and see is missing from our database.  This won't happen quickly as historical projects like this can take a lifetime of effort and many people.  However, if you have information or know where we might find information, even a simple fact that might help us support more information, or fill an open hole in one of our branches, please send it along so we can add it to our display.

If you would like to know when we add information to the databases and republish the pages, send us an email and I'll send you a simple quick update message after we update.  

I make a point of responding to all messages.  If I haven't responded to your email in a few days time, it might be the message was eaten by some over-zealous mail filter.  Should this happen, please send the message again, but just send a simple message with the question like, "Did you get my email message?"  I can't imagine a simple sentence will get eaten by the Spam filters, so the simple message should survive the journey from your computer to mine and I can then put your email address in our "WhiteList".  White-Listing an email address is the opposite of "Black-Listing" and it keeps the message away from all message filtering dangers.

Please send all mail to:  

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V. Heraldry & Coat of Arms:

There has been some confusion by scholars on the origins of Heraldry. However, it is commonly thought that heraldry emerged in Western Europe in the 11th century to meet the necessity for military identification. It is thought to...(more)

Click to Enlarge

Long before we began serious work on our lineage, we responded to advertisements arriving by mail that promised to give us all the RINES information we could ever want.  In some of those solicitations, we obtained the phone and social security numbers of hundreds of Rines individuals.  Whether these were ever real facts has yet to be proven as no Rines person I knew about ever appeared in any of the listings.  My thoughts are data sent in these publications was mostly, if not entirely fictitious.  However, displayed on the the left is a thumbnail image of a Rines coat of arms provided in one of the packages sent.   Unfortunately we've since learned, "It must be remembered that Coats of Arms are specific properties of a person and a family to whom they were granted. They are not solely specific to a surname."
In December 2005 Cliff sent along this image of what they have been using as a Coat of Arms with this note, "I am attaching a photocopy of the coats of arms for RINES researched and ordered by my brother. It hangs in the wall in my Moms' apartment. 99.5 percent sure that it is correct and authentic. Cliff"

So, there you have it.  It will interesting if more input surfaces, but until it does we will use Cliff's analysis as the official word.


Heraldic Societies and Newsgroups

Frequently asked questions about Heraldry & Coats of Arms

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VI. Locations We Have Searched:

Some of the areas where we've been looking for documents are displayed on one of two map images (MAP-01, Map-02).  We have been looking in other places and databases as well, but because our current focus is to make a connection on my namesake line, these locations seem to be where are finding information.

As with all issues, the problem definition often determines the outcome, so if you know of any areas that might be of help, that information would certainly be appreciated.

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VII. Database Software:

Family Tree Maker, Version 9, got us organized as we began to collect information and version 11 is our current database manager.  As our experienced grew, we wanted to improve on our database methods and purchased The Master Genealogist  because of all it great features, but the details of keeping the project moving and longer workdays have kept us from making the change.  

Why Change?  Well, we would like to be able to add more detail to our database records such as rating a document's quality.  We would also like to have more options to better handle unconnected names in our database.  The Master Genealogist would provide this level of support, plus it seems to allow much more flexibility in how we can work with data.  For example it allows us to have more than one database open at a time to compare facts about individuals in side by side displayed listings.  While Family Tree Maker allows more than one database to be opened, it does it by opening an entirely new instance of the software so comparisons are clumsy at best.  There are other reasons, but as you can see we are finding ways to get by for now.

With all that said, if you are just starting out you will find Family Tree Maker is very easy to use, and may be all that is more important than having all the bells and whistles I tend to want.  However, if you find you are enjoying the process and want to take your research to a professional level and don't mind a more difficult learning curve, then the 32-bit Windows version of The Master Genealogist  should be considered.

Many of the Genealogy data pages on this site were created with a GEDCOM conversion program called GED4WEBę.  This is a simple utility program that takes a standard GEDCOM file that most genealogy programs will export and converts them into web pages like you'll see in our data pages where we show the various family trees. 

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