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Resources link shown here were captured while I've been learning about Genetic Genealogy.  For certain I visited many more sites, but the links listed below were the only URL addresses I remembered to save, or thought about when I began added the DNA section to this wed site.  As time goes on, I'll be adding more links and will keep the page updated. 

For now, I've placed the links in an alphabetical sort order based upon the description the web site's web master created when the page was created.  If a different order would work better, let me know and I'll see what I can accomplish.

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IV. Project Resource Links:

Anatomy of Our Genes - The Genographic Project
Ancient DNA
Blair DNA Project FAQ
DNA 101
DNA Forums - a Genetic Genealogy Community
Family Tree DNA

Famous DNA
FTDNA Videos
Genealogy by DNA Can it Deliver
Genographic Project
Genetic Chaos
Genetic genealogy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Heraldry & Coat of Arms
Irish Type III The Casey Surname DNA Project
Lineage IV From Tipperary
National Geographic Emerging Explorers Geneticist, Anthropologist
NEHGS (New England Historical & Genealogical Society)
NOVA Online Lost Tribes of Israel Build a Family Tree
Interview Dr Spencer Wells
RootsWeb Genealogy Mailing Lists GENEALOGY-DNA
SCIENCE & NATURE The Ultimate Genealogist
Super Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype
The Genographic Project - Human Migration, Population Genetics, Maps, DNA
Understanding Matches
World Family Network
Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree
Ysearch - Number one Y-DNA public database

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