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If we only include Amateur Radio, Motorcycles, Genealogy, Photography and Woodworking, that will only cover the current hobbies.  My work focuses on the development of trading systems for the commodities markets.  More specifically, I am constantly developing software controlled processes that expand the approaches we currently have so we can keep our trading effective, profitable and growing.

As a distraction and to keep abreast of what is happening in the trading industry, I occasionally will write a product review for Futures Magazine and may even find time to spend time blogging in our Web Log section..

As a licensed pilot, I was lucky enough to use our small twin-engine Cessna Skymaster instead of airlines for flights within the US.  Going coast to coast and up and down the country is remembered as a great adventure period. 

Sailing our 38-foot Ericson sloop named "Dulcinea" in San Francisco Bay and adjoining waters was a fun period for our family.  We kept our sailboat docked in Marina Village for years before we sold it for family reason.  Hopefully, we'll find the time again to sail once we stop remodeling our home.

A quick glance at the Links page will give you a good understanding of some of the web sites I try to maintain and some of the services we find useful.

My major time investment goes towards supporting local medical charities event operations.  Our local BA-MARC chapter has been active in bringing organization, communication and field support to the charities bicycle and walking fund raising events.  Our local group is small, but we have been able to make a significant contribution locally and with help and a growing membership, those activities can continue on for years to come.

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